At Grace Bible Church, we have taken active measures to provide a safe place for everyone who comes into our church, with special concern for children, youth and vulnerable adults.

By implementing a Child Protection Plan we have:

  • A statement of policy: A written policy formally approved, implemented and periodically reviewed confirming our commitment to providing a safe environment for children. There is zero tolerance for abuse, harassment or neglect committed by any worker or volunteer. To prevent harm to the children, youth and vulnerable adults in our programs and to protect our staff and volunteers from false or wrongful allegations is the express purpose of our statement.

  • A definition of abuse: Defining abuse and related issues helps our workers clearly understand and identify unacceptable behaviour, including: physical, sexual and emotional abuse, harassment and neglect. 

  • Children and youth worker screening: All members and volunteers who work with children are required to complete an application form, interview and have a criminal record check.

  • Operational procedures: We have clear guidelines for registration at our events, washroom use and communication (i.e. social networking, off-site trips, appropriate touch, discipline and prohibiting corporal punishment, retention of documentation and health and safety guidelines).

  • Facilities modifications: Ensuring all Sunday School rooms have a window in their doors, and other such considerations, will assist us in preventing and discouraging abuse incidents.

  • Required training: All staff members and volunteers who regularly work with children and youth require Child Protection Plan orientation and mandatory annual refresher courses.

  • Protocol for reporting and responding: All allegations or complaints of abuse must be handled appropriately and adhere to all legal requirements and obligations.