If this is your first time at GBC – welcome!  We are pretty casual – most people are probably in jeans or business casual.  If you really like to wear a tie, you are still welcome, but it certainly isn’t necessary to dress up.  All ages are welcome and are represented at GBC.  We have lots of young families, lots of babies, toddlers.  But then, of course, we have grandmothers and grandfathers.  GBC is about all people - wherever you are at in your life, in your journey with Jesus, whether you know much about Christianity or not – you are welcome to come!



We sing old and new hymns and songs. There is so much to sing about and in fact, as we travel through the Word, we find people singing in times of grief and sorrow, blessing and happiness. They sang because they saw something great in God or because they learned something new about Him.



For 40-45 minutes we listen as the Word of God is explained and applied book by book, passage by passage. God’s Word is relevant, telling the great stories which help us understand God, His saving work, our lives and our culture. Check out our Sermon Page to find out about the current topic. We usually alternate between Old Testament and New Testament books.  Past series have included:  Luke, Romans, Revelation, Philippians, Deuteronomy, Job etc.



Coffee, tea, refreshments for children and even some snacks are available after the service in Friendship Hall.  At the end of the service, if you go through either door at the front of the sanctuary, you will find Friendship Hall.  It is a relaxing place and time to get to know others – share a laugh, share a coffee, share some of life.  Great place to have fellowship, renew friendships, build new friendships, and experience the joy of walking with someone through life’s ups and downs.



Our nursery (located at the end of the hall on the second floor) is a large and bright room for ages 0 to 4.  We have the nursery room divided into babies and toddlers.  The nursery runs during the morning service.  All nursery workers are trained through our Child Protection Plan and undergo police checks.  We seek to provide loving care for these precious little ones.



Parking for a downtown church location may mean a bit more exercise.  We have ample parking around the church – both on the street and in the designated lots shown on the link to the maps.  There are literally hundreds of parking spots available, so finding a spot should be easy.