Have you ever asked, “Who am I and why do I exist?” 

If you were to turn to the very first page of the Bible you would read the answer: “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth ...” (Genesis 1.1) The rest of the Bible explores the person and works of God and as we turn the pages, we come to see we exist to worship God as we are drawn into relationship with Him. Our greatest purpose for existence as sinful humans is to exalt God through the saving work of His Son Jesus and the applying work of the Holy Spirit.

The Triune God really is the centre of the story which unfolds who we become and why we live. To worship is to speak and live out God’s worthiness, His greatness, His goodness.

We exist to worship God in His glory and majesty as He brings us into relationship with Him through His Son Jesus.


The phrase may be overused but it is true - life is a journey. After one has been made new in Jesus, given His eternal life and set free to live a new life, we journey as disciples being discipled. In other words, as followers of Jesus, we desire to grow in love, holiness, rest and joy. This happens in many ways from worship services to small groups to hospitality to casual conversations. The believers desire is to grow in Christ-likeness so we may be changed. He is a gracious God.



After God created the heavens and the earth, he rested, not because he was tired but because he finished creating. Adam and Eve entered this finished work to enjoy deep peace and gracious provisions in relationship with God.

There was another One who called out “It is finished” but this would happen in a broken and sinful world. Jesus would work for us in His life, death and resurrection so we may enter His rest. This is a large part of the gospel - not by works but by faith in Jesus, finding rest and relationship with God and one another, living with a deep and meaningful purpose.



In a disconnected and individualistic culture, some of the most rare real estate in our lives are meaningful relationships. In our natural hearts, we are distant from God and so often from one another. 

We are created to love in relationship with God and one another and one of the tremendous joys of church is to be reminded of the depth and privilege of being in relationship.


Reaching out to help - we all know people who need a hand, a word, some encouragement or counsel. Jesus talks about God’s people being a light not to be hidden but to shine in the city. It is this light, the great light of worship, rest, relationship and discipleship which we seek in all our brokenness to bring to community. A broken community entering a broken community to find healing and rest in Jesus.