We are thankful to be in a new building where we can meet as one church family. Like being in any new place, there is a lot to consider and that is why we have slowed down to reflect, meditate and pray for God’s leading. We are praying that we are a relational, restful and gospel centred community church - but what does that look like?



1.  What does it mean to rest in Christ as a church family? How do we discover our identity not in what we do but in who we are? What does this mean practically? What is our identity as a gospel centred community in this unique location? It becomes clear in Scripture each church had her own personality, struggles and joys. How do we rest in His promises and encourage one another in our struggles and joys? What does a changed life towards holiness look like in our community? 


2. How busy should church life be with programs? How do we find balance between programs and freedom to build personal relationships with one another and in the community? When does a church become so much about what we offer (programs) rather than who is present? How do we build meaningful relationships in a relationally void culture? We struggle to find balance.

3. We are thankful to be in the city core. How can the unchanging gospel be communicated and embodied in the diversity and needs of a city church?

This is a part of our journey and we have other questions. Check back everyone once and a while to see if we have made progress. We are on that journey and do not have all the answers.  It’s messy and we’re messy but we invite you into the mess of the greatest news ever and to be part of our new journey.