The head and ruler of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ. He has given specific leaders to care for his people, the church. In the New Testament, the apostles wrote about the offices of elder and deacon (1 Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1). These offices were for those to lead the church both during and after the apostolic era. Elders and deacons do not lead for their own benefit but serve to equip and nurture the local church body. At GBC, we have a plurality of elders who give spiritual oversight and deacons who care for the more practical needs of our church family.



The elders of Grace Bible Church are set aside by the congregation to devote themselves to prayer, preaching and the spiritual oversight and care of the church (Acts 6:41 Timothy 3:1-7). Elders (other than our pastor) serve in 3 year terms.


David R. (See Our pastor)
David M.
Simon B.
Nick D.
Adam K.
Nandor W.



The deacons of GBC oversee the physical needs of the congregation, benevolent concerns and ministries of mercy (1 Timothy 3:8-13). Deacons serve in 3 year terms.


Ken B.
Mark G.
Alex D.
Nathan W.