We are thankful to the Lord for the gifts of His people to support the work of GBC – various ministries, missionary families, building and staff.

In response to requests, we now offer 4 ways to give:

1.  Cash or Cheque in the offering plate

2.  Pre-authorized debit

  • This is convenient if you wish to give the same amount on a regular basis

  • Options include:

    • Every week on a Friday

    • Every second Friday

    • First Friday of the month

  • To get set up, just download this form and hand it in to Audra

  • What does it cost the church?   The cost is only 10 cents per transaction, regardless of the amount.  This is the most cost-effective approach for the church.

3.  Online giving using a credit card

  • On Apple or Android, you can download the “Church Centre” app.
    ANDROID or iOS links

  • This will allow you to connect to GBC and set up your credit card

  • You can then donate on your credit card at any time with a myriad of schedules and options

  • The cost to the church is 2.2% of the amount, plus 30 cent fee for each transaction]

  • If you donated $100 in each method:

    • Cash/Cheque – GBC receives $100

    • Pre-authorized debit – GBC receives $99.90  (cost of $0.10)

    • Credit Card – GBC receives $97.50 (cost of $2.50)

4. GIVE NOW - This link will redirect you to our online giving portal.

If you have any questions, please speak to the Treasurer, Nick D